Oceans Day Celebrations at Coco Collection

Minimizing waste and ensuring the protection of the ocean are of particular concern for Coco Collection. On Saturday, 8th June, in recognition of World Ocean Day, Coco Collection carried out several activities with the support of both our associates and guests.

At Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu the day started with a morning snorkeling trip for an invitation from the resident Marine Biologist. As the oceans are integral to all of humanity, from trade to food to climate our guests and associates joined forces for a fun filled lagoon cleaning event in the evening and shared an ocean promise which was displayed on the dedicated tree at the lobby.  Our guests dined on the beach and the menu was a seafood BBQ, serving only sustainable seafood. The day concluded with an educational session about oceans by our Marine Biologist and the screening of the movie “The Cove”

Coco Bodu Hithi contributed to the Ocean by cleaning the house reef jointly by our guests and associates. The day was bid farewell with delicious sustainable seafood BBQ at the beach followed by a Coco Cinema time screening “The End of the Line”

Biyadhoo Island Resort celebrated the day with a reef and beach cleanup by the enthusiastic guests and associates.

The joyful associates of Sankhara Villas by Coco Collection made sure the beach was cleaned to mark the Oceans day.


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