Baby Green Sea Turtles Hatching at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Nesting Green Sea Turtles are keeping guests and associates very busy at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.

2013 is becoming an extremely exciting year, with several female Green Sea Turtles visiting our beaches at night and in the early hours of the morning, to find somewhere to nest their eggs. The Green Sea Turtles are especially fond of the area around villas 86 and 77. We are doing our best to let them find the right conditions for nesting, they like it clean, dark and quiet to find the perfect spot for nature to take its course.

On August 23rd at 02:00AM our Security staff called the Marine Biologist to inform her that a big Green Sea Turtle was crawling on the beach in front of Villa 78. A few moments later, a small lucky crowd of guests and associates gathered and silently observed the turtle digging the sand and laying 117 eggs.

Coco Collection - Turtles Laying Eggs

Coco Collection - Turtles Laying Eggs

As soon as the turtle had finished burying the eggs, she quickly headed to the sea and we quickly took a picture of both sides of the head for our Sea Turtle Identification Programme. It turned out she was a well-known turtle and regular visitor to Dhuni Kolhu, having already visited us on July 05th and 19th  and accordingly we named her Hukuru (“Friday” in Dhivei, the local language) since she always shows up on Fridays!

A couple of months later, on October 20th, at sunset during some tropical rain, the Marine Biologist with the help of Guests and Associates carefully dug the sand to check for any signs of hatching. We were indeed lucky and Hukuru’s babies were headed up to the surface and started “running” straight to the sea.

They were delicately collected and placed in boxes so that we could release them into the open see on the next day. A cheerful group of guests and associates escorted and released them outside Baa Atoll reef to provide them a better survival chance.

Since the Green Sea Turtle is listed as an “Endangered Species” in the IUCN Red List and its population is declining around the world, any effort to help these beautiful animals is truly valuable and necessary.


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