Name a Manta Ray

It’s time to celebrate a great goal achieved by Coco Collection’s Manta Ray Identification Project: On January 22nd in Baa Atoll, we have identified ANOTHER individual NEW to the Maldivian Manta Ray Database: it is the 50th new one we’ve identified since the beginning of our Project!

Name a Manta Ray

Identifying so many new Manta Ray individuals was possible thanks to the efforts of our Guests and Associates who are giving a precious contribution to the research on these still largely unknown creatures.The new Manta Ray is a 3 meters width female, her code is M3203.

Help us in choosing a name for her and post your suggestions in the comments below, on our Twitter Page or on our Facebook Page. Our Marine Biologist will randomly select a name by the beginning of next week, and “your” Manta Ray will be officially baptized! Then, of course, don’t forget to come and visit, to meet her in person…


2 responses to “Name a Manta Ray

  1. My proposal for naming the 50th manta ray is: Stella Maris
    This is derived from Latin and means “Star of the Sea”.
    Whereas there is a double-meaning of “star” which suits perfectly correct for this manta ray.

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