Coco Collection’s Inter-Departmental Volleyball Tournament has a Winner

Last night, the fun-filled and thrilling Finale of Coco Collection’s Inter-Departmental Volleyball Tournament took place at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, with the teams from Housekeeping and Front Office competing in four very close sets against each other. All the matches saw an amazing amount of dedication and energy from all the teams, but the Finale in particular was a very close fight for the title. Each set went on past 20 points for both teams, with a close win for Housekeeping in the 1st set, a close win for the Front Office Team in the 2nd set, and then again very close wins for Housekeeping in the 3rd and 4th sets – making the Housekeeping team an exhilarated winner of the tournament and recipient of the grand trophy sponsored by the company’s COO, Mr. Nick Simmonds.

The tournament began on March 25 with teams from Housekeeping, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Accounts and Front Office playing against each other in 11 matches, including yesterday’s Finale. For their outstanding sportsmanship throughout the tournament, the referees and judges awarded the Top 6 Players, amongst which were Waheed from Food & Beverage, and Abdulla Saeed from Front Office, with Azeez from Housekeeping being named Man of the Match of the Finale – all of these players displayed outstanding skills on the field and contributed to excitement and applause in each of the matches.. 

Even though the Finale was scheduled for a relatively late kick-off at 11pm last night, the associates came out in full force, and many of our guests cheered on ‘their’ Villa Attendant or Front Office team member, sporting headbands for the teams, or waving balloons in the team colors. The enthusiastic supporters showed amazing stamina and stayed until the end of the match at 2am, cheering on their teams with chants, songs, yells, cheer dances, and human waves, bringing the atmosphere of a big stadium to our small resort island. At the winner’s ceremony, two of our guests, Ms Martine & Mr Denis Rudigoz, bestowed the trophy and medals upon the teams, and both teams insisted on taking photos with all players together on the podium – showing that team play at Coco Collection is the essential part of any competition – because all participants are always winners!

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