My Favorite Reef Fish

Reef fish are amongst the most colorful inhabitants of the coral reefs and are quite interesting to watch during snorkeling or diving trips. When our guests at Coco Bodu Hithi and Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu ask me to pick my favorite, I always have such a hard time choosing from the colorful array of these beautiful fishes. So I tried making a list to narrow down some of the reef fish that I like the most – Have a look below and see if you share some of my favorites!

The Blue-striped Blenny

The Blue-striped Blenny

First, let’s meet the Blue-striped Blenny! It is a small reef fish that you can find inside empty tube-worm shells where it usually lives. While hiding among juvenile cleaner fish at the cleaning stations and trying to look like one of them, it is known to take advantage of the careless trust of larger unsuspecting fish by biting them. Yes, this one is an opportunistic biter! But I like it because of its original comb-like teethed smile. Quite a cheeky fellow!

The Powder Blue Surgeonfish

The Powder Blue Surgeonfish

The Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a common presence on reefs and one of my favorites as well. The reason why I like it is quite simple: Even if there is poor visibility or a strong current during a snorkeling trip, I can always tell my guests to look for the Powder Blue Surgeonfish and I am 100% sure they will see at least one. There is no way we can miss them while they are proudly showing off their stunning yellow and blue coloration!

The Purple-Eyed Goby

The Purple-Eyed Goby

There is no need to explain why I like the Purple-Eyed Goby, right? It has a completely transparent body, big purple eyes and it rests on the tip of coral branches! I bet you would love to see one of these while you are diving… a truly cute fish if there ever was one!

The Scrawled Filefish

The Scrawled Filefish

In the end, the Scrawled Filefish is probably my favorite! It is not as easy to spot since it changes skin color and can camouflage very well, but I was fortunate enough to have come across it several times at the reefs of our Coco Collection resorts. Its gray form is covered with black spots and blue lines, making it look as if it has actually been scrawled on, but also enabling it to become nearly invisible amongst the similar colored corals and underwater world! With a long feathered tail that looks like an elegant fan when opened, these fish combine admirable beauty with a shrewd ability to hide whenever they desire! As seen here, the Scrawled Filefish feeds on a wide range of food, including the beautiful Crown Jellyfish! 


4 responses to “My Favorite Reef Fish

    • Thank you Irene! The selection of pictures on your blog looks wonderful, I especially love the underwater shots of all our marine friends. Hope you visit us some time to experience the magic of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu and Coco Bodu Hithi! :)

      Sunny regards from Maldives,

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